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Sport tournament template

"Excel templates for saving sports results"

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3 teams in each group: sport_tournament_3_teams.xlsx

4 teams in each group: sport_tournament_4_teams.xlsx

5 teams in each group: sport_tournament_5_teams.xlsx

6 teams in each group: sport_tournament_6_teams.xlsx

7 teams in each group: sport_tournament_7_teams.xlsx

8 teams in each group: sport_tournament_8_teams.xlsx

9 teams in each group: sport_tournament_9_teams.xlsx

10 teams in each group: sport_tournament_10_teams.xlsx

11 teams in each group: sport_tournament_11_teams.xlsx

12 teams in each group: sport_tournament_12_teams.xlsx

13 teams in each group: sport_tournament_13_teams.xlsx

14 teams in each group: sport_tournament_14_teams.xlsx

15 teams in each group: sport_tournament_15_teams.xlsx

16 teams in each group: sport_tournament_16_teams.xlsx

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Automatically generated table

You have to fill the score of each match and the table will be automatically sorted by number of points. There are no Excel macros, just an array formula and lookup function. The table calculates:

GP – Games Played
W – wins
D – draws
L – loss
GF – Goals For
GA – Goals Against
GD – Goal Difference
PTS – points