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Quinta-feira, 18 fevereiro 2021
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On the 18th and 19th February 2021, the University of Sports of Rio Maior (ESDRM) hosts the CIEQV’s 1st International Congress.
National and international researchers debate, over two days, the theme “Quality of Life – Research and Innovation”.


  1. Promote synergies between researcher networks and centers to support the research in the field of quality of life, and to promote services to the community, in the way to improve the citizens’ quality of life.
  2. Intervene socially and politically, at local, national and international level, about development, promotion and research in quality of life.
  3. Promote and disseminate the research carried out by LQRC-CIEQV members and share it with the scientific community, concerning the strategic vectors of physical activity, food and education.
  4. Promote students scientific initiation and researchers’ mobility, to enrich their experience and to improve their education and training in the area of quality of life.
  5. Cooperate on multidisciplinary research teams, project and equipment sharing.
  6. Disseminate and publish the results of scientific and technological research in the area of quality of life.
Local ESDRM | Rio Maior, Portugal

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